Cycling is an excellent exercise, and the best results come from turning it into a daily habit. That often means cycling inside during bad weather. Many people find that boring because the scenery doesn’t change, but technology has come to the rescue. There are many apps out there that can make indoor cycling a lot more exciting and even provide valuable information about personal performance.



TrainerRoad is an app for people that want to focus on getting the most out of their workout. It offers a clean and straightforward presentation of data about the exercise, and it can connect to sensors to collect information about the rider for the display. That makes it the top choice for people that want to keep an eye on the physical aspects of their session.


It also helps with workout planning. The app provides a wide selection of workout plans that are tailored to various goals. The rider can select one and follow the instructions to be sure of getting a decent workout. The combination of the two makes it easy for riders to make sure that they are sticking to their plan and making progress towards their goals.



KinoMap is a hybrid of a traditional cycling app and a social media platform. It makes rides more interesting by providing a video of a real trail, so riders can watch the scenery even though that are inside. The unusual thing about the app is that the videos come from other users. Some of them are better than others, but the ease of uploading videos means that there are a lot of options to choose from. The system also supports group rides and races, but the sheer variety of videos available is the main draw.



Zwift provides virtual cycling environments to watch while riding a stationary bike. The images are fairly immersive, and they can even combine with smart equipment to adjust the difficulty of the ride based on the video.


This platform stands out for its heavy use of multiplayer features for racing and basic training. It is similar to a multiplayer video game, and Zwift does promote competitive cycling. It does have some support for general workouts, but it is ideal for people who emphasize racing over basic exercises.