When choosing what type of bike to buy, there are a few different things the buyer must consider. Who will they be riding with? Where will they be riding it? What type of bikes have they had in the past? Below are three common types of bicycles. This will help a buyer choose the right one for them after answering the questions above.

The Road Bike

The road bike is a bicycle designed to function at a high speed on smooth pavement. They’re best known for their slim tires and low handlebars, and are mainly used for racing on paved courses. This is type of bicycle is extremely light-weight, making it easy to throw on the bike rack and head to your nearest track.

The downfall to road bikes are that they are borderline useless off-road or on unpaved surfaces. Also, because of their light-weight, heavier riders may need to look elsewhere.

The Mountain Bike

Unlike the road bike, the mountain bike is designed for off-roading and tough terrain. The handlebars are a bit higher for stability, and there are low gear options for going up hills. Mountain bikes almost always have strong suspension or shock absorption.

The downfall to mountain bikes is that, while they can be used as an everyday bike, they’re not as light or fast as the road bike.

The Hybrid Bike

The hybrid bike was created to give buyers a combination of the road bike and mountain bike. They make use of high handlebars and oversized seats to give riders a comfortable experience. This is the ideal bike for someone who is looking to commute, run a few errands, or just ride around the neighborhood.

The only issue with the hybrid bike is that it is a basic, simple bike for the beginner. While it is good to use day-to-day, riders can’t reach top speed like they can with a road bike, or off-road like they can with a mountain bike.

When choosing a bicycle, what’s most important is deciding how it will be used, and with who. For example, just because the hybrid bike is not the fastest available, it can still be the best choice for a beginner who just wants to stay in shape. Buyers should always consider how they’ll be using their new bike before buying it.