Motocross can be a dangerous sport, but the benefits have the potential to be enormous, especially for young riders. Discipline, maturity, preparation, goal setting, sportsmanship, and responsibility are just a few of the qualities emphasized throughout American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) racing. As individual athletes, kids will learn to trust their instincts and to rely on themselves with confidence.

How Do I Find Out More?

The internet and a local motorcycle dealer can be great resources for learning more about AMA events in your geographic area. Your dealer may also supply or have connections to equipment, gear, and parts for your bike, or bikes if you’re planning to purchase one new or used.


You’ll need a bike and all of the right gear before you race. With significant upgrades available in materials and technology, you’ll find all sorts of sizes and styles of protective wear. A helmet is the most important thing you can wear. It should be certified with a sticker on the back and should fit snugly so that if you crash, it won’t fall off. Goggles with shatterproof lenses should be fitted with your helmet for maximum protection. Body armor should be worn with long sleeves, long pants, and potentially even knee and elbow pads. Boots with steel toes and a mix of buckles and laces should go at least eight inches up the ankle for support and increased protection.


Practicing different techniques in addition to laps at a track will help with dexterity and movement during races. Getting the opinions and advice of a coach are optimal. However, lots of resources are available online for riders who train alone or with friends. Knowing your bike intimately is the best way to increase the odds of safety and fastest times possible at a race. Basics, like stopping, starting, and turning gracefully, are some of the best ways to shave time off a run.


Know what to bring to a race ahead of time. Get your things together the night before, and practice your preparation routine. On race day, arrive early, and check in with all the requisite people. Get to know the track, attend the rider’s meeting, and enjoy feeling your hard work pay off.

Truly, motocross has significant benefits to offer. Despite the cost of equipment and a large amount of time invested, the sport can be transformational for young riders.