The winter season is soon approaching the majority of the country. Although it is getting cold, it doesn’t mean you have to hang up your cycling helmet for the season. To have an enjoyable riding experience this winter season, try following these tips.

Dress With Care

During a winter ride, you will want to think of how you can cover your hands, head, feet, and torso. A lot of your body heat leaves through your head, so be sure to wear a balaclava underneath your helmet. I recommend wearing thermal gloves and wool socks to keep your feet warm. If it is especially cold, consider wearing two pairs of socks, to ensure the wind stays off your feet. Be sure to layer on your torso. First, wear a lightweight jacket on the outer layer, wear a jacket that is water and wind-resistant. If the temperature drops below 60° F, you may want to wear leg warmers to protect your knees.

Start Your Ride Warm

It will be more comfortable to adjust to the cold if you start off warm. If you are cold when you start your ride, your extremities will get extra cold pretty quickly. Before you step outside, try having a hot drink in a warm room.

Be Visible

During the winter, it can get dark pretty quickly. Therefore you will want to be visible on the roads. If even you don’t plan on cycling in the dark, it’s a good idea to wear brightly colored clothing and clothing that reflects. You can also attach additional reflectors and lights to your bicycle. Taking these precautions will help boost your visibility on the road.

Know the Direction of the Wind

During the first half of your ride, try to ride into a headwind and return home with a tailwind. By tackling a headwind, in the beginning, will have more energy when faced with any resistant. Riding in a tailwind helps you avoid the ice windy, which is the last thing you will want when you are tired and sweaty.

Ride With Your Friends

You may be reluctant to go out into the cold by yourself, but when a friend tags along, it can be more enticing. When biking with your friends, you can take turns shielding each other from the wind. Another benefit of riding with friends is that conversation can make the ride go by faster. It is also advantageous to ride with friends in case one of you encounter a mechanical problem.