Road cycling has been growing in popularity over the years. With the sheer affordability of this method of transportation, it millions of people worldwide have invested in the sport. But unlike taking a sports bike around the neighborhood for a spin, biking on the road is an entirely different beast.


Thankfully, there are countless entrepreneurs looking cash in on this exploding market. People who are serious about cycling can rest assured that there is plenty of gear to help them along the way.


Garmin Edge 1030

The Garmin Edge 1030 is a dedicated GPS system that is a must have for serious riding. This small, lightweight computer, can be easily hooked onto just about any bike, and comes with a number of great features.


  • It has a comprehensive navigation program that also tracks performance and cycling awareness
  • The map condenses millions of miles worth of data into easily navigable routes both off and on road
  • Features a messaging app that allows instant and constant contact with other riders
  • This product has a long battery life that lasts up to 20 hours
  • An optional battery pack can extend this life to 40 hours


Gore C7 Gore-Tex Shakedry Jacket

Keeping dry during wet weather conditions can prove difficult for cyclers who carry minimal gear. The Gore C7 is one tool that can mitigate the worst of it. A jacket like this is a must have when cycling in regions expecting high levels of rainfall.


This waterproof windbreaker is light, compact when folded, and can be easily carried in a small bag. This jacket does an excellent job of keeping a rider warm, dry, and quite comfortable. Unlike something heavier, this product is great at allowing unrestricted movement due to its light and lean frame.



Essentially a lighter GoPro, the OPKIX One is a versatile tool meant to record high quality footage with minimal obstruction. This super compact camera comes with several accessories designed to smoothly interact with a cyclist’s social media accounts.


Boasting a recording time of 15 minutes with each charge, a cyclist can instantly share videos via their phone. Two cameras and a storage pod come with this purchase, and can hold a total of 102 minutes across all three products.