Cyclists heading out on the road will need several purchases along with just their basic bike. There are several accessories including clothing, helmet, water bottle, technological devices, and so on. These are a list of budget must-have items for every cyclist from novice to veteran:


Every biker needs tools to fix their and maintain their bikes for an optimal riding experience. Tools are made to be portable to be portable so that the biker can bring their tools along with them in case of emergencies while on a ride. Mechanical emergencies that the biker may suffer include tire pressure loss and chain link issues.

Bikers should carry an inner tube, tyre levels and a pump to restore air pressure. For chain issues, the biker should have a multi-tool of Allen wrench keys and sometimes a flat blade screwdriver and chain link extractor if necessary. A spare chain link can be carried as well if the biker feels comfortable and knowledgeable enough to install one. These tools can all be stored in a saddle bag that the biker carries.

Clothing and Shoes

The biker should have varied clothing for varied riding conditions and environments. The biker can choose between lightweight summer kits that are very breathable in hot weather and thicker winter layers, warmers, gloves, and jackets for colder and rainier weather. Bikers should choose clothes they think they will wear frequently and that will match the environment they are in and the weather they experience. Cycling shoes with cleats will increase pedaling efficiency and the brands LOOK and Shimano are the most popular. These shoes clip into the pedals and provide more power per downstroke for the rider.


Helmets should meet safety standards, such as those which calls for safer, lighter, and more breathable helmets. Bikers should buy helmets with absorbent pads and adjustment options for comfort and safety as well.

Water Bottle and Cage

Cycling without water leads to less enjoyable rides and safety issues in hot weather. Bikers should seek cage and bottle pairings that fit together and affix securely to the bike frame. These accessories are typically low-cost so any functioning cage and bottle pair will typically work. It is recommended that the biker carry at least a capacity of 500ml or greater for longer rides.