Cycling is a very popular sport that only seems to be getting more popular as the years go on. As this sport becomes more popular, certain trends are emerging. Learning about these trends can keep you on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest in the cycling world.


Lightweight bikes are back

A while back, lightweight bikes were all the craze in the cycling world. However, bike manufacturers started focusing more on versatile bikes that could perform well in many different riding situations. For the last few years, lightweight design has become one of the main priorities for manufacturers once again. These lightweight bikes are also focusing on aerodynamic designs that will help them cruise faster and more efficiently.


Cycling clothing is getting much smarter

Clothing companies for cyclists are learning out to implement technologies into cycling clothing without having to sacrifice style. Many of these new technologies are focusing on increased visibility. As cyclists are beginning to share the road with vehicles more and more each year, it is imperative that they are able to be seen by the drivers on the road.


Gravel bikes are using gravel tires to give you the traction you need

Any road biker knows about the dangers of loose gravel or any small debris that you might come into contact with during your ride. Gravel tires are now becoming increasingly popular to put on your road bike. These tires used to only be available to those who had gravel bikes. Now, you can use these tires to feel safer and possibly even hit some dirt when needed.


Road bikes are finally using tubeless tires

Tubeless tires have been getting very popular in the world of mountain biking. However, it hasn’t been until recently that road bikes have started using these tubeless tires. Tubeless tires are becoming easier than ever to set up on road bikes it’s becoming essentially a seamless shift over from your regular tire system.


Virtual racing is taking off

Virtual reality is becoming much more advanced in our modern world with advanced technologies. Stationary bikes are making a comeback with virtual racing. This is a great way for amateur and professional cyclists to keep their competitive edge up between their normal races. There are also ranked virtual races that can help you in your cycling career.