One of the best ways to travel the world is by bike. There are many destinations in beautiful countries that are perfect for bike travel. Each bike route offers breathtaking views and the experience of a lifetime. Take a look at the best cycling destinations around the world:

Toubkal, Morocco

Toubkal offers beautiful views along a 425-mile bike route. Cyclists will be able to view great mountains, gorgeous desert regions, and incredible wildlife. The route takes about nine days to travel and is great to do in groups. The up and downhill slopes along with the beautiful scenic route is an incredible experience.

Galway, Ireland

Ireland has always been known for its breathtaking views and beautiful wildlife. The greatest way to soak it all in is by riding along their paths and routes throughout their green valleys. Although it can get quite rainy, it doesn’t take away from the beautiful views. Galway also offers bike tours that last about eight days.

Danube Bike Path, Austria

The Danube Bike Path is a favorite destination for many cyclists around the world. The bike path runs from Passau, Germany, to Vienna, Austria with the best Austrian food and beer, vineyards, and villages along the way. The route is mostly flat following the Danube River and has little traffic throughout the trip. 

Friendship Highway, China

In China, there is Friendship Highway which stretches along a fantastic 500-mile route. The route lies between the city of Lhasa in Tibet to the border of Nepal. To be able to ride through along this trail, it takes a lot of training because of the high elevations. The training is well worth it for the amazing views of Mount Everest and Gyatso La mountain pass. 

The Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

Along this bike path, cyclists will see amazing views of wild nature and very picturesque towns. Riding through is almost like biking through a fairytale. The tour takes about 11 days and has beautiful sights of Lithuania’s Curonian Spit National Park and it’s beaches. There are plenty of tour groups to travel with.