When you put on gear that is perfectly suited to your needs and lets you blow past your goals with ease, it’s a beautiful moment. Quality gear is out there, but it can sometimes be hard to find when it’s hidden between knock-offs and gear that looks similar but was made with low-quality materials. Items that were made with rigorous testing, comparison, and analysis are the ones that often stand out among the rest. The products below are the best of the best for cyclists that were discovered this year by bicycling.com.

Best Sealant of the Year

Muc-Off’s No Puncture Tubeless Sealant has earned the Gear of the Year award for its impressive performance as well as its delicious scent. This sealant can get you back on the road if you’ve suffered a small puncture or tear. 

Innovative Tool Storage

OneUp’s EDC tool provides in-frame tool storage without the bulkiness that usually comes with storing tools. They’ve upgraded their original design to make this one even more useful and easy to use. 

Useful Recovery Tool

A long bike ride can quickly turn into a disaster when muscle cramps strike. Post-ride recovery is an important aspect of cycling that should always follow a ride. The Hyperice Hypervolt gently soothes sore muscles and gets you back to peak functionality sooner.

Best Bike Bag of the Year

The Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro 2 might be expensive, but it’s worth the higher price tag. It’s easy to install and pack, which saves you immense amounts of time over the years. It features a rigid frame that anchors it to your front and rear dropouts and has a plastic bottom that protects it without weighing down your bike.

Gravel Tires

The Schwalbe Do-It-All Gravel Tires take cycling experiences to another level. The closely-spaced treads allow for smooth and speedy riding on paved roads, but they are equally impressive off-road. The tires grip well on both gravel and dirt so more paths are accessible every ride. It even performs well at low pressure!

Easy-to-Carry Bike Lock

Hiplok DX is the newest and possibly the best bike lock on the market right now. It withstands bolt cutters and hacksaws to prevent theft better than ever. It also won’t weigh you down like most bike locks will. The design will attach seamlessly to your bike so you never have to choose between an easy ride or the security of locking your bike.