Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda

Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda is an executive leader who has cultivated his professional acumen in importing, marketing and sales, and management of major brands for over ten years. He is particularly experienced in working on behalf of representatives and distributors of luxury vehicles, motorcycles, and sporting goods on an international level.

Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda is the Director of D-Bike CA, a representative and distributor for Venezuela for a variety of prestigious sports/athletics brands. He uses his extensive experience in importing and brand management to help D-Bike CA import and distribute well-known brands such as:




Hed Cycling

Rocky Mountain


Lizard Skins


D-Bike sponsored top athletes in the triathlon, mountain biking and adventure racing specialties for more than 12 years. As Director, Mr. Olivares facilitates the commercialization of top-notch athletic products in Venezuela.

In addition to his work experience, he has taken college courses directly related to major brands of motorcycles and vehicles. In 2004 he successfully completed the Sales Challenge for BMW Group Latin America in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The following year Mr. Olivares also completed a Sales Culture course for BMW Group Latin America in Buenos Aires.

On a personal level, Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda enjoys practicing a variety of sports and athletic activities, such as golf, snowboarding, triathlons, and of course motocross and cycling. He is also passionate about wildlife conservation and advocates for the importance of making choices to help support the environment and save endangered species. 

More about Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda

In addition to his work in directing operations for D-Bike CA, Mr. Olivares is part of the IG Capital Casa de Valores Directive. He is the President of Lits Group INC, a company incorporated in Panama which helps businesses effectively and efficiently manage their finances. Previously, Mr. Olivares attended Universidad Santa María. He spent more than eight years in charge of the representation and distribution to Venezuela of the motorcycles BMW (BMW Motorrad), Peugeot, and Ducati (Ducati Motor Holding).

Later the BMW brand was passed to the Bavarian Auto Group, and Mr. Olivares was called to lead their General Management as well as handle relations between the Bavarian Auto Group’s local offices and their headquarters in Germany. He later served as the CEO of Finalca Casa de Bolsa until he took on the current roles which he maintains today.

This blog is dedicated to Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda’s interests in outdoor sports, particularly cycling and mountain biking, from his unique perspectives in business and in his personal life. Stay tuned for posts about brands, gear, and more!



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